Very high temperature greases

Very high temperature greases
Greases for very high temperatures (VHT) or Ultra High Temperatures (UHT) can be used in service at continuous temperatures ≥200°C and can withstand peaks of 300°C. These conditions require special chemistries, very different from traditional mineral greases.


Lubrication at temperatures >200°C is very often poorly controlled. Use of traditional or even synthetic greases is not enough, or requires almost daily topping up. To resist decomposition or strong evaporation of the base oils at these extreme temperatures, the solution is to employ non-conventional chemistries. The thickener should be infusible or show a dropping point close to 300°C.

Very High Temperature VHT greases thus conserve sufficient viscosity to effectively lubricate the mechanical elements.

Under still more extreme conditions, it is preferable to use pastes highly charged with solids (graphite, copper, zinc,…). The grease is thus only a vector to give a uniform deposit of a dry lubricant to protect the equipment.


Very high temperature greases are particularly suitable for lubrication of elements such as:

  • Oven fan bearings
  • Bearings for pre-heater rollers
  • Conveyors, industrial painting lines
  • Tyre moulds
  • Oven racks and furnace hearth rollers
  • Screwed assemblies...


CONDAT  very high temperature greases use non-conventional chemistries

  • Thickener infusible or with a very high dropping point
  • Base oils showing exceptional resistance to oxidation
  • Thermal and mechanical stability
  • No formation of lacquer, no coking

Product benefits

Very high temperature greases allow not only lubrication at temperatures of the order of 280°C but also lifetime greasing in the range of -25° to 180°C.

Characteristics Customer benefits
Stable to oxidation, maintenance of the lubricating film
Thermal stability, load resistance Reduced temperatures in load zones = Improvement in equipment lifetime
Mechanical stability, very low evaporation Sealing maintained = reduction in grease consumption

They simplify your greasing plans and systematically lead to a very important saving in labour, machine stoppages and bring significant improvement to equipment lifetime.

Associated services

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants:

Condat provides Technical assistance to advise you and guarantee optimum use of our lubricants.

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