Lubricants for mines

HFDU, HFA, HFC hydraulic fluids for mining work.


Safety in underground mines is an essential point, in particular for coal mines which can be very deep and where the risk of explosion (firedamp) is ever present. CONDAT offers a large range of HFDU, HFA, HFC fire-resistant fluids to combat this issue in underground mines.

The operation of hydraulic systems for powered roof supports or coal-cutters is therefore most often carried out using low-flammability fluids. Such fluids are mandatory in some countries, to protect the personnel working in the mines.

Our CONDAT D range has Factory mutual FM and MSHA accreditation. The CONDAT D fluids also have the advantage of being biodegradable.

According to customer needs, the mining range is based around HFA/HFC/HFDU fire-resistant hydraulic fluids and high and very high temperature greases.

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