Drilling greases

Drilling greases
Greases intended for lubrication and protection of drill pipe threads, threads and fittings subject to high tightening torques. Grease technologies developed for mine drilling or water drilling.
Application fields


The range of greases for drilling is specially designed to meet the specific needs of the exploration industry. CONDAT offers a wide range of greases with a high content of dry (or solid) lubricants. They help to avoid risk of seizure and ensure easy disassembly.

The grease becomes a vector to uniformly disperse the solid lubricants and thus deposit them specifically in the zones to be lubricated.

These greases always have a strong resistance to water wash-out and a very high level of adherence even on wet surfaces.


  • Treatment of threads on pipes and fittings
  • Coring
  • In-the-hole drill
  • Rotary


The nature and content of solid lubricants ensures lubrication adapted to the pressure and friction constraints found in these industries.

  • Mineral or synthetic oils for every type of use.
  • Soaps meeting implementation temperatures
  • Exceptional welding load resistance, can exceed 800kg
  • Anti-seizure, anti-rust and anti-corrosion additives
Specifications Advantages
PYROCUIVRE Very high copper content Ensures easy and effective disassembly
TIFOR 4100 Very high zinc content Excellent resistance to friction
GRAPHITE GREASES High graphite concentration Excellent solid charge graphite/cost/performance ratio
PULSTAR 1.5 GMO High MoS2 concentration Unrivalled load resistance
BIO NATUR DRILL High viscosity synthetic grease Approved by OEM (Original Equipment condat-lubrifiants-biodégradablesManufacturers)

Product benefits

This range of drilling greases meets the demands of numerous and varied applications. They are used by specialist drilling companies

  • Easy implementation
  • Environmental requirements taken into account
  • Effective even at extreme temperatures (>1000°C according to the solid lubricant)
  • Protection of parts and easy disassembly.

BIONATUR DRILL, a biodegradable grease according to the OECD, shows a remarkable advance, combining a high level of performance with respect for the environment.

Associated services

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants:

Condat provides Technical Assistance to advise you and guarantee optimum use of our lubricants.

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