170 years of expertise

Founded in 1854, the CONDAT group quickly adopted a strategy of diversification into the most technical sectors.

Thanks to its chemical know-how, as a specialist in formulation of oils, greases and surfactants, CONDAT group has positioned itself as world leader in numerous application fields.

Its international presence allows a privileged proximity with its clients, nurturing an approach based on permanent innovation and product development.

The company’s head office and the R&D and marketing departments are historically situated in France, in the Lyon region.

The activities of the CONDAT group are divided into specialist divisions for each industrial sector. The range of industrial lubricants and associated chemical products offered by CONDAT is one of the largest on the market. We can thus satisfy requirements in numerous application fields.

In the framework of its development strategy, the group adopts an approach of monitoring technological developments and permanent research. Going from organic chemistry to mineral chemistry, from formulation to industrialisation, with mastery of materials science, CONDAT endeavours to invent tomorrow’s solutions in a perspective of sustainable development.


1854 Foundation of CONDAT in Lyon-Gerland by François CONDAT

Supply of greases for the Paris-Lyon-Marseilles railway company

1910 First exports
1930 Manufacture of speciality greases: lime-based, high melting point and “white” grease
1949 Creation of a research and control laboratory
1960 Boom period for metal-forming and metal working lubricants
1971 Setting up the factory in Chasse-sur-Rhône (38)
1980 First distribution of CONDAT products in the United States
1989 Participation in the construction of the Channel tunnel and supply of the first mastic sealants

45th French company to be certified ISO 9001

1996 Creation of an industrial subsidiary in the United States
2004 Creation of production units in Brazil and China
2007 Acquisition of HENKEL’s wire-drawing activity
2008 Creation of the Cosmetics division
2016 Creation of the Health and Beauty division

Acquisition of IORGA in Brazil

2017 Acquisition of RENITE
2020 Acquisition of KEMNO