Aluminium extrusion lubricants

Aluminium Extrusion
Lubricants intended for aluminium extrusion, a range that has proved its worth over more than 30 years.

CONDAT has developed an offer of lubricants specifically intended for its customers in aluminium extrusion. Present in this sector of activity for more than 30 years, our strategy is to supply a global offer comprising high-performance products as well as the associated equipment and services.

The aluminium extrusion process is used in multiple applications in various markets such as automotive and construction. To satisfy the requirement for parts of high quality, this process demands lubricants with strong added technical value covering multiple operations:

  • cutting of billets
  • shaping of profiles

CONDAT follows the latest changes in the regulations (REACH, GHS…) and works without respite, thanks to its R&D laboratory, to make formulas that are ever safer for the environment and for people, in phase with our customers’ requirements.

Our team will accompany you closely to optimise your productivity by considering, beyond performance and overall costs, your environmental impact. We build a relationship based on partnership and confidence for a profitable collaboration.

In addition to the specific range of lubricants intended for aluminium extrusion, CONDAT also offers:

Product ranges