Technical assistance

For 170 years, CONDAT has adapted to the specificity of your application fields and offers you lubricants, oils, greases, emulsions… specifically developed to satisfy your constraints and your technical requirements.

To improve the performance of our lubricants in service and optimise their implementation, CONDAT provides its customers with a range of services and all its know-how in their search for productivity. We are therefore developing, in the framework of a global offer concept, numerous proposals for services and assistance.


For the implementation of lubricants:

  • we advise on the use of the products
  • we inform you about issues of miscibility and compatibility between two lubricants
  • we assist you regarding the compatibility of gaskets
  • we give technical help during conversion operations, in particular for fire-resistant hydraulic fluids (HFC, HFD-U and HFA-E) and biodegradable products.

For your preventive maintenance:

  • we give best recommendations of lubricants based on technical sheets or on product equivalence
  • we create a greasing plan for your fixed and mobile installations
  • we rationalise your stock of lubricants
  • we optimise your oil-change intervals
  • we calculate the intervals and the quantities of grease for your turnover
  • we assist you in the diagnosis of our oil analyses

For your curative or corrective maintenance:

  • we assist you in the diagnosis of a breakdown linked to lubrication
  • we support you in the analysis of the lubricant in case of breakage
  • we recommend a lubricant adapted to the conditions of use

In the framework of your training plan:

CONDAT is an Approved Organisation and can also offer training modules to meet your specific needs. We can train your maintenance and production employees in techniques linked to lubricants:

  • characterisation of oils and greases
  • awareness of grease lubrication for first level maintenance
  • oil analyses: choice of a sequence of analysis and sampling method
  • oil analysis: interpretation and diagnosis
  • methods for conversion for biodegradable and fire-resistant oils…


CONDAT also offers to ensure monitoring of your analyses with our partner IESPM.

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