Metal-working fluids

Metal-working fluids
Complete range of cutting fluids intended for metal working and machining for the automobile, aeronautics, energy, general mechanics and medical sectors, bearing manufacturers…


CONDAT develops, manufactures and sells a complete range of PROCESS lubricants intended for Metal Working.

Our lubricants are developed to deliver gains to users, but also to improve working conditions and minimise the environmental impact.

Discover our offer of speciality chemicals for Metal Working:

  • Lubricants for machining by swarf removal (soluble oils and neat oils)
  • Press Cutting & Stamping lubricants
  • Lubricants for Cold Forging, Cold, hot and warm forming


A large range of cutting fluids for machining parts:


Our lubricants are specially designed to respect health, safety and the environment. They thus contribute to:

  • improvement of working conditions
  • minimising your environmental impact