Lubricants for constructors / OEM

Constructors / OEM
Original fill lubricants for constructors / Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Producers of bearings, universal joints, mechanical transmissions or locks. Complex thickened greases and very high temperature fluorinated greases.


As from your technical specifications and according to your needs, CONDAT develops original fill lubricants that have an optimum performance / cost ratio.

Experienced sales engineers ensure the management of your projects and are the interface between your expectations and our R&D laboratories. They assist you in the preparation of your technical specifications and appropriate qualification testing. Our analysis and R&D departments are equipped with the most effective measurement equipment (tribology, physico-chemical...) and ensure the development of high-technology lubricants according to your needs:

  • Lifetime lubrication
  • Lubricants minimising noise, friction coefficients…
  • Lubricants allowing extended lifetime of mechanical and electrical parts, reduction in start-up torque…
  • Lubrication and greasing under constraints: heavy loads, low and high temperature, water resistance, high speed...
  • Lubricants compatible with different materials: steel, aluminium, plastics, elastomers...

CONDAT also puts all its know-how as a formulator of oils and greases at the service of constructors / OEM:

  • Very high temperature greases: fluorinatedpolyurea, graphite…
  • Non-flammable greases
  • PTFE, MoS2 greases
  • Complex thickened greases and fluorinated greases
  • Oils and synthetic greases
  • Fire-resistant oils

Our objective:

To offer products adapted to your specific needs, innovative and with an optimised usage cost.



CONDAT draws on its technical expertise to develop tailor-made solutions for original fill lubrication of mechanical and electrical parts for all types of constructor:

  • Producers of bearings, universal joints, mechanical transmissions
  • Producers of construction machinery (booms, lifting equipment, telescopic cranes etc.), household electrical goods (ovens, for example)
  • Automotive industry and its suppliers

Original first fill lubrication concerns numerous mechanisms:

  • Bearings, gear reducers, micro-gears, electric motors, chains, rails, universal joints, plain bearings, sealing gaskets, springs, ball and roller bearings, locks...

Product ranges