Maintenance lubricants for the primary aluminium industry

Primary Aluminium
Fire-resistant hydraulic fluids and technical greases for melting and holding furnaces, transfer ladle axles. Lubricants for continuous or semi-continuous casting, hot rolling lines, hot extrusion…


Producer and formulator of lubricants for the primary and secondary alloys, CONDAT offers maintenance oils and greases meeting the requirements at each stage in production:

Production of primary aluminium:

  • Alumina production
  • Aluminium production by electrolysis
  • Aluminium transfer in the foundry
  • Continuous or semi-continuous casting for semi-finished products (plates, billets...)

Manufacture of finished or semi-finished aluminium products:

  • Extrusion workshops or extruders
  • Casting operations in the foundry, permanent moulds (high pressure die casting, low pressure die casting...)
  • Hot rolling mills for aluminium
  • Aluminium recycling

Our lubricants meet safety, quality, productivity and environmental requirements and are approved by equipment suppliers: Mecatherm , ECL…


For primary aluminium alloys

Hydraulics unit systems for:

  • Power units for smelting and holding furnaces: casthouse
  • Dross presses: casthouse
  • Hydraulic cranes: potline room, anode rodding shop, casthouse
  • Vertical or horizontal casting presses
  • Moving vehicles

Axles, screws, rollers, bearings for:

  • Transfer ladles: potline room
  • Pre-heating screw:  Anode rodding shop
  • Working rollers

Ingot mould:

  • Mould-release agents for alu slabs, alu sow and alu billet

For hot rolling mills:

Hydraulics unit systems for:

  • Continuous casting: melting and holding furnaces
  • Rolling mills

Axles, screws, rollers, bearings for:

  • Rolling mills
  • Melting furnace or conveyor
  • Coiler

For cold rolling:

Axles, screws, rollers, bearings for rolling mills

Product benefits

The CONDAT range of lubricants stands out for the following technical advantages:

  • Long product lifetime
  • Resistance to oxidation
  • Biodegradability
  • Reduction of waste costs

Associated services

CONDAT also has a large range of products that meet lubrication requirements in all equipment linked to your complementary activities:

Product ranges