Lubricants for the tire industry

Tire industry
Lubricants for tire production lines: safety hydraulic fluids, very high temperature greases for curing presses, mould lubricants for tire vulcanisation workshops, greasing of tire production machines.


The tire industry requires specific lubricants adapted to very high temperatures (for example HFDU hydraulic fluids). CONDAT has a large range of lubricants formulated for the needs of tire production lines and has long experience with the leaders in this market.


For production of new tires or retreads:

  • Vulcanisation presses or curing presses: sectors, back segments, belt, moulds, lid centring, belt guide, lid seal, ears, shafts….
  • Moulds for tire vulcanisation workshops
  • General greasing of tire production machines

Product benefits

  • very high temperatures
  • long lasting
  • safety for tire vulcanisation machines and workshops
  • resistance to load and high speeds for tire production machines

Associated services

Condat provides Technical Assistance to advise you and guarantee optimum use of our lubricants.

Contact us for a specific recommendation according to service conditions and the brand of the machines.

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