Complete range of multifunction aerosols, assembly pastes and spray greases for the glass, forging and automobile industries…


To meet the growing demand from users for this practical and effective lubrication process, CONDAT offers a full range of aerosol lubricants.

All the families of lubricant are represented: oils, greases, degreasers, lubricating varnishes, assembly pastes, penetrating oils, anti-oxidants... The application fields cover all industrial sectors, from metallurgy through to the glass industry and including car manufacturing and forging


Safety and Performance*

Aerosol technology requires the use of gas propellants. The CONDAT range of aerosols favours the use of CO2 which is:

  • safer: it is a non-flammable gas
  • more economical: it only represents 3% of the overall net volume of an aerosol, thus optimising the volume of lubricant

*observe the conditions for use and storage shown on the packaging

Benefits of the range

  • The product can be used on hard-to-reach lubrication points
  • The latest models are equipped with directional diffusers and/or swivel valves for optimised lubrication (no loss of product)
  • Clean and non-staining
  • Not bulky and easy to store