Lubricants for foundry work

Lubricants specifically intended for foundry work with non-ferrous alloys: pressure, gravity, low-pressure and squeeze casting.


To meet the needs of non-ferrous metal foundries, CONDAT has formulated and developed a range of lubricants to cover all foundry processes in permanent moulds:

  • pressure casting
  • gravity casting
  • low-pressure casting
  • squeeze casting

Intended for shaping of non-ferrous alloys, our development criteria have been established to provide:

  • better productivity
  • extended lifetime for tools
  • improvement in the quality of the parts
  • reduction in waste and processing costs
  • improved safety of equipement, people and the protection of the environment


Focused on the environmental requirements and productivity criteria of its customers, CONDAT offers a range of process lubricants covering all needs:

  • mould-release agents with different chemistries:
    • white die-coatings including a new generation of coating for pressure casting (without formaldehyde)
    • water-free die-coatings
    • graphite die-coatings
    • refractory, semiconducting die-coatings
  • protection pastes for ladles and ingot moulds
  • solid- or liquid-based lubricants for injection pistons
  • liquid lubricants or pastes for production start-up
  • aerosols with and without graphite

Associated services

In addition, CONDAT offers a large range of equipment dedicated to the foundry industry.

  • Dilution system: Condamix
  • Dilution control: Condahach (Contact us)
  • Spraying system: pressurised tanks, spray canes (Condacan)
  • Dosing system for piston lubricant – dispenser
  • Recycling system for die-coatings: custom design according to your installations

In parallel, CONDAT offers lubricants complementary to its foundry range, in particular:

Product ranges