Maintenance lubricants for aluminium and Ferro-alloys

Aluminium and Ferro-alloys
Maintenance lubricants in the primary aluminium alloys and ferro-alloy industries: alumina plants, aluminium smelters, hot rolling mills, strip casters, aluminium extrusion, die casting, refineries for recycling aluminium and ferro-alloys.


Maintenance operations for equipment for production of aluminium and ferro-alloys are among the most constraining in terms of working temperature and risk of fire.

CONDAT is present in all processes linked to the aluminium and ferro-alloy industry:

  • Alumina plants
  • Primary aluminium with integrated semi-continuous casting or continuous casting (strip casters process)
  • Hot rolling mills with integrated semi-continuous casting
  • Aluminium extrusion with casthouse
  • Foundry with permanent moulds
  • Refineries for aluminium recycling
  • Ferro-alloys


Our product philosophy is based around the following main points:

  • Safety of personnel
  • Performance
  • Lifetime
  • Respect for the environment

These 4 principles are why we are recognised by equipment suppliers:

  • ECL (fives group)
  • Mecatherm

Application sub-fields