Forging lubricants and coatings

Schwarzer Tropfen
Complete range of lubricants intended for forging: graphite lubricants, water-based graphite, glass coating products, graphite-free lubricants
Application fields


For hot, warm and cold forging or extrusion and circular rolling, CONDAT offers a large range of lubricants and coatings for the forge.

Depending on your technical constraints, high temperatures, difficulty in metal forming, cleanliness of the working environment, rate of work, type and weight of parts, our experts will recommend the most suitable oils, greases and aqueous lubricants for your processes.

Intended for work with steel, aluminium, yellow metals and special alloys used in cutting-edge industries such as aeronautics and medical, our development criteria have the objectives of:

  • Better productivity
  • Extended lifetime of tools – dies, ejectors
  • Reduction in rejection rates,
  • Really taking account of the safety of property and people and the protection of the environment

CONDAT also offers products in the form of effervescent tablets, more respectful of the environment. The compact format of a tablet reduces the carbon footprint of the lubricant, thanks to the reduction in the volume of product transported.


  • Steel and aluminium forging
  • Aeronautical and medical forging
  • All forging processes: stamping, die forging, upsetting...

CONDAT offers its customers technical expertise and a customised approach. Contact us!

Associated services

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants.