Lubricants for continuous casting

Continuous casting
Technical lubricants for continuous casting, ensuring lubrication from the ladle turret to the cooling bed.


Continuous casting allows the solidification of molten metal. The ladle of liquid steel at 1500°C feeds the tundish via the ladle turret and it is then cooled inside moulds.

The steel produced in the form of slabs, blooms or billets, continues to solidify as it passes between the rollers. After having been straightened and cut to length, it finishes its journey in the cooling bed.

The high temperatures as well as the presence of water throughout the continuous casting process require the use of very specific greases: they rely on thickener technologies, the viscosities of the base oil, and appropriate additives. The risk of fire is also present on much hydraulic equipment.


Fire-resistant hydraulic fluids for:

  • ladle turret systems
  • tundish sliding doors
  • oscillation of the moulds
  • straighteners, pinch rollers
  • Oxy-cutting system
  • pushers
  • walling beam cooling bed

Lubrication of the turret swivel bearing

Grease for  continuous casting roller bearings

Greasing of  axles and bearings of the discharge roller tables and cooling bed

Associated services

Condat provides Technical Assistance to advise you and guarantee optimum use of our lubricants.

Furthermore, CONDAT ensures the monitoring and analysis in service of its Condat D and Condat Guard C46.


  • Optimise your consumption and possibly space out your oil drains
  • Guarantee optimal lubrication of your equipment

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