HFA hydraulic fluids

HFA hydraulic fluids
The CONDAFLUID range: HFA type safety hydraulic fluids, with high water content, guaranteeing perfect protection and lubrication of the hydraulic system.
Application fields


HFA hydraulic fluids are safety hydraulic fluids with high water content (>90%). Available in the form of concentrates to be diluted in water, HFAs are recommended in all industries where there are major fire risks and in all hydraulic installations designed to operate with HFA-type fluids.

The CONDAT range of HFA hydraulic fluids comprises two types of technology:

  • HFA-S which are water-soluble synthetic concentrates
  • HFA-E which are water-soluble micro-emulsions


  • Stable when diluted or as concentrates
  • Resistant to bacteria
  • Resistant to foaming
  • Excellent anti-corrosion power
  • Excellent protection of elastomers, valves, pumps

HFA products in the CONDAFLUID range are compliant with the regulations in force (without boron, without formaldehyde…).

The CONDAFLUID range is suited to different water hardness, from the softest to the hardest waters.

CONDAFLUID fire-resistant hydraulic fluids meet the requirements of the ISO 12922 standard.

Product benefits

Condat HFA fluid concentrates are specifically formulated for:

  • Ensuring perfect lubrication of mechanisms (safety valves, valves…)
  • Increasing the lifetime of system gaskets
  • Preventing corrosion
  • fighting bacterial and fungal growth in the bath

HFA fluids mix very easily in water.

Associated services

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants

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