Water-resistant greases

Water-resistant greases
Greases to resist ingress of water in all its forms. A large choice among the different chemistries with a lubricant giving optimal return.


One of the first functions of grease is to participate effectively in the sealing of the system. Lubricating greases are very often in contact with water, in various forms: vapoursemulsionsrain or more generally jets under pressure or baths for cooling installations. They are not generally soluble in water, but prolonged contact can lead fatally to deterioration in their performance.

CONDAT offers water-repellenthydrophobic greases able to preserve their characteristics even in the presence of high percentages of water. By preventing the water from penetrating bearings, these water-resistant greases protect not only against corrosion but also ensure lubrication without deterioration.

The use of calcium (in the form of mixed lithium/calcium soap or sulphonate) is a proven technology. Other specific formulations enrich CONDAT's offer, to provide solutions for all issues.


Water-resistant greases are particularly suitable for lubrication of equipment such as:

  • Submerged axles and articulations
  • Cylindrical roller bearings
  • Plain bearings, bearings, corrugated cylinders
  • Extraction screws in Tunnel boring machines
  • Drill pipe threads
  • Connectors, tap gaskets
  • Suspension bearings
  • ...


There are several ways that a grease can be resistant to water:

  • Being impermeable to water (water-repellent character), using polymers and metallic soaps containing calcium allows the grease to effectively resist wash-out
  • Using the hydrophobic character of the ingredients (insoluble) thus preventing intimate mixture with the water
  • Accepting the water without modification of properties. A technology such as calcium sulphonate allows for good sealing because the consistency, even with a high % of water, does not change.

Water-resistant greases further show:

  • strong adherence to surfaces
  • high densities
  • effective anti-corrosion and anti-rust additives even in the presence of salt water (EmCor test, salt spray or immersion tests)

Product benefits

Water-resistant greases preserve sealing and therefore the lubricating or insulating properties of the grease. They ensure:

Characteristics Customer benefits
Stability to rolling in the presence of water => preservation of penetration Barrier against ingress of water = Reduction in grease consumption
Adhesion to surfaces and anti-corrosion additives Protection against rust and corrosion of equipment = Reduction in maintenance costs
Resistant to water wash-out and water spray-off tests Optimal lubrication in a washed-out humid environment  = Improve your productivity

These greases remain very mechanically stable even with 10% water. The lubricant film is maintained at a sufficient viscosity to avoid premature wear of mechanical parts

Associated services

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants:

Condat provides Technical assistance to advise you and guarantee optimum use of our lubricants.