Lubricants for dams / locks

Dams / Locks
Biodegradable lubricants for Galle chains of dam and lock gates and for hydraulic systems. Steering rack greases. Turbine oils for hydroelectric facilities.


For more than 40 years, CONDAT has been using oils that are biodegradable and non-toxic for the environment. Drawing on its expertise, CONDAT supplies lubricants for lock chains and all hydraulic applications with its biodegradable or ECOLABEL ranges.

Hydraulic oils

For all hydraulic applications and for hydroelectric generating sets and the control servomotors, we offer 2 products:


These long-lasting hydraulic oils based on saturated synthetic esters have an iodine value of under 20.

Using a fluid based on a saturated ester allows for very long lifetimes (several years). Regular analysis will determine the annual or semi-annual need for renewal of the oil in service. Suitable filtration to remove surplus water and particles will extend the lifetime still further.

The use of our oil allows for operation under the most extreme conditions, and all the more so in normal conditions at 280 bar.

Compatibility and miscibility

BIO NATUR HYDROSTAR and BIO NATUR HYDROLABEL are miscible with synthetic ester-based hydraulic oils. But watch out for compatibility: please contact CONDAT technical assistance for help with implementation. Our 32 and 46 viscosities are perfectly miscible and compatible with one another.

Elastomer compatibility

Our BIO NATUR HYDROLABEL oil meets the criteria of the ISO 15380 standard, which includes compatibility with certain elastomers. For very specific requests, CONDAT can perform special tests with your own gaskets.


CONDAT's technical department has set up place conversion procedures to allow you to use biodegradable technologies. They guarantee optimised replacement and optimal operation of your installations.

Galle chains

There are 2 types of application for Galle chains:

  • Regularly used gate chains: lock gates
  • Gate chains used in case of flooding: dam gates

The constraints of exposure to bad weather are very different. A lock chain is lubricated on each use, while a dam chain is static and exposed to spray, UV, wash-out or bird droppings.

Lock applications

CHAIN OIL ECL 46, biodegradable and non-toxic synthetic oil. This oil has excellent resistance to wash-out and provides durable and very effective protection against corrosion.

Dam applications

We have developed thixotropic oils of specific viscosities, with adherence and de-watering capacities that allow them to drive out water. These oils can be sprayed manually or with automatic spray systems.

To learn more about our range of oils for dam chains, contact us.


Cables are subject to different simultaneous constraints: UV exposure, wash-out, immersion, friction and tension.

CONDAT offers a biodegradable and non-toxic grease with water-resistant properties thanks to its hydrophilic properties.


  • submerged work under permanent wash-out
  • preservation of the environment thanks to its biodegradable and non-toxic nature
  • resistance to temperature during operation
  • friction reduction and solid lubrication in case of limit greasing


In the scope of “multi-purpose” applications as for steering racks or “standard” greasing, CONDAT offers other products from our range that meet ECOLABEL criteria:

  • BIO NATUR EXTREM EF2: biodegradable and non-toxic grease with a very high level of technical performance.
  • CONDALUB FLEX BIO: automatic greasers containing BIO NATUR EXTREME EF2 to allow automatic lubrication of bearings on difficult-to-reach installations or those not requiring special monitoring. Adjustable from 1 to 12 months, and can be modified during the year.

Associated services

Condat provides Technical Assistance to advise you and guarantee optimum use of our lubricants, and especially your conversion projects. CONDAT's know-how is provided within a precise partnership framework with our customers.

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants:

Example: Automatic system for lubrication of Galle chains

Many installations are already equipped with this type of system for lubrication of Galle chains. Lubrication by micro-spraying requires:

  • a compressed air service pressure of 5 to 6 bar (with a minimum of 4 bar)
  • an air output of 60 to 80 litres/min per nozzle, for a minimum pressure of 6 bar


  • Easy installation
  • Targeted lubrication and not “irrigation” of the chain
  • Automatic control and not manual

An economic solution

Associated with the principle of lubrication by micro-spraying, CONDAT oil very significantly reduces consumption of chain oil: oil consumption is divided by 5! (values measured by our customers)

→ Over all the approaches, CONDAT solutions reduced oil consumption by 80%

A solution respectful of the environment

The CONDAT solution eliminates the risk of pollution of water linked to lubrication of lock chains: micro-spraying avoids irrigation of the chains and reduces spillage of chain oil.

→ CHAIN OIL ECL 46 is biodegradable according to the European standard OECD 301B.

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