Lubricants for electric cables – Copper and alloys

Lubricants for electric cables - Copper and alloys
Soluble lubricants for drawing electrical cables in copper and copper alloys: rod breakdown drawing, multi-pass, single- or multi-wire or enamelled wires.


The VICAFIL TCU range offers effective soluble lubricants intended for drawing copper wires, from rod breakdown drawing through to multi-pass drawing of very fine wires (diameter less than 0.04 mm).

Drawing on its expertise in metal working and machining fluids, Condat can offer water-soluble products with high lubricity power. Formulated from mineral or synthetic bases, our products provide the lubricity and cooling power to guarantee a very high quality wire.

Lubricants in the VICAFIL TCU range have been formulated to:

  • Ensure protection of machines and the wire against corrosion
  • Improve bath stability to extend lifetime
  • Provide a clean and healthy working environment: absence of formaldehyde-releasing biocides and low-foaming products to avoid overflow

To learn more, contact our experts for the optimal recommendation for your application.

Product benefits

  • Reduction of wear to dies and capstans
  • High drawing speeds
  • Reduction in wire breakage
  • Wires with an extremely clean and bright finish