Wire-drawing oils and greases

Wire-drawing oils and greases
Range of lubricants, neat oils and greases for metallic wire-drawing applications: VICAFIL TFH and TFG.


The VICAFIL TFH and TFG range of wire-drawing oils and greases benefits from Condat's expertise in the field of metal working. With a whole range of additives and base oils (mineral, synthetic, natural) at its disposal, the VICAFIL TFH and TFG oils and greases are available in a wide range of viscosities and consistency.

Their formulation is specially adapted to drawn materials: copper, aluminium, carbon steel and stainless steel.

The VICAFIL TFG range of greases is intended for the most severe metal-forming operations. These very viscous products have been specifically developed for single-pass applications ahead of cold forming operations.

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Product benefits

  • Optimum surface condition
  • Long operating lifetime
  • Extended tool life


More respectful technology

Committed to an eco-responsible initiative, CONDAT can also offer oils with minimal labelling that do not impact on the Seveso classification of the production site.