Lubricants for drawing enamelled wires

Enamelled wires
Lubricants for drawing enamelled wires used in electromagnetic windings, electric motors and self-inductors in electronic equipment.


Enamelled wire is made up of a solid metal wire covered in an insulating resin called enamel.

For good-quality enamelling, the support wire must have a surface free from all faults: irregularities, residues and oxidation.


There are numerous applications for enamelled wires. The most important are:

  • electric motor windings
  • electromagnetic windings
  • self-inductor windings for electronic equipment


The smallest diameters in the enamelled wire industry can be a few tens of microns. The wire can become very fragile and requires an effective lubricant to avoid breakage due to excessive traction.

Micro-emulsions and solution-based lubricants are especially adapted to the lubrication of these wires. They combine:

  • performance
  • cleanliness for optimum wire quality

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