Stranding lubricants - aluminium wires

Stranding lubricants
Lubricants intended for lubrication of wires and cables for shaping operations: stranding, twisting and compacting.
Application fields


The optimisation of transporting current over long distances (high tension lines) requires the use of cables and hence the stranding, twisting and compacting of wires.

For copper wires, the residual lubricant left on the wires is often sufficient to carry out these processes. It is not the same for aluminium wires, which usually require a light lubrication at the stranding head in order to produce cables with the required parameters.

Product benefits

To facilitate wire stranding, twisting or compacting operations, CONDAT offers a whole range of lubricants based on soluble or neat oils to allow:

  • shaping¬†without tearing or damaging¬†the wire or cable
  • easier winding and unwinding
  • good temporary protection

Always guaranteeing a level of residues that is compatible with the insulation extrusion operations.


In addition, our range of lubricants protects the working environment against the risks of fire and contaminated air by using vanishing fluids to reduce the emission of volatile compounds.