NEAT GREEN: Vegetable-based machining neat oils

NEAT GREEN range of vegetable-based machining neat oils. High-performance cutting oils.


Synthetic and plant chemistry

Technology from CONDAT's laboratories has allowed for improvement in the lubricating properties of synthetic- and renewable-based oils in its NEAT GREEN range.

Cutting oils in the NEAT GREEN range are composed of a blend of esterified base oils of renewable origin. Through its innovations, CONDAT offers solutions that are more neutral for users and the environment, while guaranteeing high performance.

Product range

Products ISO viscosity at 40° Lubricity Extreme pressure Comments
NEAT GREEN DP 210 10 No Grinding, small-diameter machining
NEAT GREEN DP 520 20 ••• Yes  Boring, drilling, difficult materials
NEAT GREEN DP 222 22 •• No  Piercing, boring
NEAT GREEN DP 540 40 ••• No  Gear cutting, drilling
NEAT GREEN DP 545 40 •••• Yes  Gear cutting, drilling, difficult materials

Product benefits

High performance and a reduction in overall costs

The innovative chemistry of the NEAT GREEN range provides very substantial benefits:

  • Improved lifetime for tools
  • Thermal stability of the lubricating film
  • Lower friction coefficient

NEAT GREEN is perfectly adapted to the machining of difficult materials used in the medical and aeronautics fields, such as titanium, nickel alloys, ceramics.


Improved working conditions

  • Very low polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) content: benzo[a]pyrene content < 1 µg/kg
  • Low odour, pale colour
  • Reduction of mists and smokes
  • High flash point

The formulation of NEAT GREEN makes it very convenient to use, and improves health and safety at the work station.

NEAT GREEN complies with the latest INRS recommendations on the maximum levels of BaP contained in neat oils for machining.

Associated services

In addition, CONDAT offers various services:

  • Analyses of oils in service, in the laboratory:
    • Level of performance / Oxidation / Suspended Matter / Water content...
    • Measurement of BaP (benzo[a]pyrene) content in oils in service
  • Range of alkali cleaners for cleaning degreasing

CONDAT also provides you with equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants.


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