Mechanical industry machining / automotive

Mechanical industry machining
Complete machining range to meet the needs of the mechanical and automotive industries. Soluble oils and neat oils for machining and grinding.


Lighter vehicles and improved component efficiency are pushing the mechanical and automotive industries to meet new challenges.

The wide range of applications, and thus expectations, requires the use of specially formulated and adapted products. Lubricants have become a key factor in this change.

CONDAT offers a complete range of lubricants to meet these new levels of requirement, whether for turning, milling, deep drilling, tapping or grinding.

2 families of product are available:

Soluble oils for machining:

  • POLYBIO: based on the constraints of the materials used
  • MECAGREEN: eco-developed on the basis of bio-sourced raw materials
  • CONDACOOL: solution for grinding

Neat oils for machining:

  • CONDACUT: machining, grinding and also greasing
  • NEAT GREEN: eco-developed on the basis of bio-sourced raw materials
  • MICROKUT: for the application of micro-lubrication (MQL)

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