Lubricants for tubes - Steel and Galvanised steel

Steel and Galvanised steel
Range of lubricants for the transformation and hot or cold forming of tubes in steel and galvanised steel.


CONDAT lubricants for the manufacture of steel and galvanised steel tubes cover all operations in the manufacture of seamless tubes and rolled and welded tubes, from hot production up to corrosion protection of the finished product.


For hot forming of tubes, different lubricant technologies are available according to the transformation operations:

  • piercing
  • rolling
  • mandrel removal
  • calibration
  • hot deformation

The CONDAT range intended for hot operations also includes liquid lubricants (graphite, ceramic, polymer...)  and sprayable powder lubricants.


For cold forming of tubes, the CONDAT range covers all operations such as:

  • post-phosphating soap
  • drawing with or without mandrel
  • cold forming: bending, hydroforming...
  • Rolled and welded
  • protection against corrosion

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