Neat oils for drawing - Steel and stainless steel tubes

Neat oils for drawing
Complete range of neat oils for drawing steel and stainless steel tubes.


In direct drawing or after soaping for phosphated steels, the CONDATUB range of neat oils for drawing can meet the most stringent quality requirements.

Different viscosity levels are available, from fluid oil through to grease, so as to adapt perfectly to different metal-forming problems and provide an optimal surface condition.

For the most severe metal-formingCONDATUB oils with high levels of Extreme Pressure additives are perfectly suited to the drawing of the most difficult alloys of stainless steel and Inconel.

CONDAT also offers other products to facilitate cold-forming operations and tube bending, such as a gel that can be easily washed with water.

Product benefits

  • Suitable for internal and external lubrication of tubes
  • Specific formulation of base oil and of performance additives
  • Reduction of tool wear
  • Totally compatible with heat-treatment operations


Committed to an eco-responsible initiative, CONDAT can also offer oils with minimal labelling that do not impact on the Seveso classification of the production site.