Vertical direct chill casting mould greases

VDCasting mould greases
A range of greases specially developed to lubricate ingot moulds during vertical aluminium casting.
Application fields


For many years, CONDAT has been present in the aluminium industry and in particular in the manufacture of primary aluminium. For this sector, we have validated a range of dedicated greases: INGOT LUBE.

This range is formulated from very high quality greases, suitable for most aluminium alloys and different types of ingot moulds, including those of high length.

It is a proven solution in the production of ultra-pure aluminium without contamination of the ingots or the billets.


The INGOT LUBE range has the following characteristics:

  • Very fine structure of the thickener
  • Excellent adherence
  • High thermal stability, good behaviour at the alloy melting point

The INGOT LUBE range is made up of ready-to-use products that can be applied in a fine coat either by brush or by spraying.

Product benefits

Characteristics Customer benefits
Great versatility in use, whatever the alloy Rationalisation of stocks and logistics flows
Easy to implement and easy cleaning of the ingot moulds after casting Improves operator productivity and reduces non-quality costs
Limiting of smoke and pollution in cooling circuits Operator safety and reduction in ecological impact

The INGOT LUBE range reduces non-compliance thanks to the absence of contamination of the alloys during casting.

Associated services

Ingot mould greases can be applied by brush or by spray. To facilitate implementation of its ingot mould greases, CONDAT offers a:

Condat provides Technical Assistance to advise you and guarantee optimum use of our lubricants.

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