Multi-purpose forming oils

Multi-purpose forming oils
Multi-purpose forming oils with special additives for the forming process AND the lubrication of the machine elements.
Application fields


The EXTRUGLISS® range of multi-purpose forming oils has been developed to meet the constraints of the forming process and simultaneously the lubrication and maintenance needs of the machine elements.

With its special additives, this 2 in 1 forming oil allows you to optimise your lubricant budget.


Reduction in consumption

In cold forming applications, about 90% of consumption comes from drag out of the lubricant on the surface of the parts. The use of EXTRUGLISS, specially formulated to operate at low viscosity, drastically reduces oil consumption. And also the costs of degreasing linked to excessive oil contamination of the parts.



Compatible with Skin Pass soaps

EXTRUGLISS® is formulated to accelerate the separation of contaminants and the settling of soaps at the bottom of the tray, taking out the abrasive metallic particles. In the end, the lubricant is cleaner and its performance enhanced, leading to:

  • Spacing out of machine oil changes
  • Increased lifetime for the dies
  • Reduction of waste costs

Product benefits

  • Reduction of wear to machine components
  • Reduction in consumption
  • Improved lifetime for tools
  • Reduction of waste costs
  • Cleaner parts and machines