Cold heading oils

Cold heading oils
EXTRUDEX: forming lubricants, mineral or vegetable based, specially formulated to optimise the operation of your presses
Application fields


The high pressures exerted between the tool and the part during metal forming require the use of high-performance lubricants to avoid premature wear and breakage of tools. To support actors in this market, CONDAT has developed a complete range to meet the constraints of cold, hot and warm forming.

The EXTRUDEX products are approved and can be used on the most demanding processes and machines: National Machinery, Nedschroeff, SACMA, Hatebur, and guarantee a high level of productivity.

The latest innovation from CONDAT: the introduction of a range developed from renewable raw materials (vegetable based) has pushed back the limits of manufacturing, while anticipating HSE regulations.

CONDAT forming oils are grouped into 3 main families:

  • High-performance cold-forming oils for complex operations
  • Cold-forming and greasing oil, multi-purpose, mineral or vegetable based
  • Forming oil for hot and warm processes


The EXTRUDEX forming oils have been formulated to bring very high lubricity to the most complex operations:

  • Extrusion
  • Backward and forward extrusion
  • Upsetting
  • Piercing
  • Cutting

Product benefits

  • Lifetime of the die punch
  • Increase in Overall Equipment Efficiency