High-speed greases

High-speed greases
Range of greases allowing operation at very high speeds, in particular in systems where oil greasing is not practicable.


Traditional greases cannot operate effectively at high speeds. With speed, assemblies warm up and standard grease can be ejected, finally resulting in breakage of the equipment.

High-speed greases are formulated with special thickeners and oils allowing them to approach the functionality of oil while keeping the sealing properties required in this type of mechanism. One of the parameters to take into account is the speed factorNDm of the bearing to be lubricated.

N = the speed limit of the bearing in rpm and Dm = median diameter of the bearing in mm.

CONDAT high-speed greases allow for use at high speed factors, namely NDm > 700 000 and going up to 1.5 x 106 and higher.

Very often these greases have properties allowing them to reduce, at these high speeds, the noise from the bearings (low-noise greases). They thus guarantee usage corresponding to the final consumer.


High-speed greases are particularly suitable for lubrication of equipment such as:

  • Ball bearings, needle bearings
  • Electric motors
  • Fans
  • Crusher screen bearings
  • Rotor bearings
  • Machine tools, drills
  • Robots, miniature motors
  • Spindles on textile machinery
  • etc...


High-speed greases show a special rheological behaviour: under shear, they become liquid and allow for lubrication close to that of an oil. On stopping, they return to their consistency and guarantee sealing.

These strongly thixotropic phenomena are provided by the thickener. Lithium greases with low soap or even more polyurea are the products most suited to these speed constraints.

  • Control of the manufacturing process to offer very thixotropic greases with low noise
  • Base oils with low viscosity (10 to 100 cSt) and often of synthetic origin (PAO, synthetic esters)
  • Use of friction modifiers and antioxidant combinations for minimal wear and optimised lifetime.

High-speed greases are generally offered in grades NLGI 2 or NLGI 1.

Product benefits

High-speed greases are essentially intended for bearings (ball or needle) operating at high rotation speeds or high circumferential speeds.

Characteristics Customer benefits
Lubrication with very low resistant torque Reduction in energy consumption
Fine and clean grease Reduction in noise disturbance = Working environment preserved
Stability with respect to ejection and oxidation Long service lifetime and protection of mechanical elements = Reduction in maintenance costs

Greases for very high speeds can also be used at very low temperatures and show remarkable stability against oxidation. Further, they resist for much longer than conventional greases. These are high-end speciality greases, allowing for rationalisation of your pool of lubricating greases.

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CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants:

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