Coatings for gravity casting dies

Coatings for gravity casting dies
Range of coatings for gravity casting dies: lubricants with and without graphite
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For gravity casting, CONDAT offers a range of coatings that are particularly effective at protecting the dies:

Graphite lubricant coatings

Water-based foundry lubricants, they are in the form of concentrated graphite that can be diluted in water in any proportion. These lubricants allow for:

  • cooling
  • lubrication of dies

The use of suitable grain sizes, of very pure graphite, and optimised binder systems, allow the graphite film to affix to the dies at high temperatures while reducing the phenomena of build up .

CONDAFOND FO50 and 115 are applied by spraying on the tools, dies.

CONDAFOND FO50 is particularly recommended for copper metal alloys.

Graphite-free range: CONDACAST

The CONDACAST “permanent mould coatings” range has been developed to provide excellent insulation and optimum mould-release. The insulating coatings have different finishes, textured or smooth, favouring good lubrication.

CONDACAST is in the form of a concentrate to be diluted in water according to the application.

Application on moulds at 175° C (350° F) to 230° C (450° F):

  • with a brush
  • by spraying

The water vaporises quickly leaving a very adhesive film.

To avoid defects (such as blisters...), we recommend applying several successive coats until the optimal thickness is obtained.

Products only available in the North American market.

Associated services

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants, along with online monitoring of your analyses.