Trolley wires

Wire-drawing lubricants for trolley wires or shaped wires intended for transport of electric current for motors of trains, trams, underground trains and electric buses.

Enamelled wires

Lubricants for drawing enamelled wires used in electromagnetic windings, electric motors and self-inductors in electronic equipment.

Incinerator factories

Lubricants for household and industrial waste incineration, energy recovery, incinerators, grabs, incineration furnaces… Fire-resistant fluid approved and recommended by EUROBEN.

Plastics processes

Hydraulic oils, greases for plastic injection and extrusion, thermoforming, blowing. Range of lubricants for plastics grinders, re-heaters, air compressors, columns…

Golf equipment

Mineral lubricants, synthetic or biodegradable for golf courses: two- and four-stroke engine oils for green mowers, mowers for fairways, roughs, aerators, bunker rakes, golf-course...