Detergent cleaning fluids for hydraulic circuits

Hydraulic circuit cleaners
Detergent and dispersant fluids for cleaning all circuits, hydraulic systems and mechanical parts subject to lubrication.


The CONDAT range of cleaning fluids for hydraulic circuits (CALONETBRYTERGENT) allows for cleaning of many different items:

  • Mechanical elements (hydraulic circuits, reducers and lubrication circuits)
  • Oil circulation systems for paper machines, for example
  • Heat-transfer circuits contaminated by a high carbon content coming from the deterioration of fluids based on mineral oils.
  • Any other circuit or element having been in contact with mineral oils

These hydraulic circuit cleaners are characterised by their highly detergent and dispersant additives.

CONDAT cleaners  considerably extend lifetime of your machines or installations, and thus reduce maintenance costs.


When should cleaning products be used on hydraulic systems?

Any hydraulic system operating with oxidised or contaminated hydraulic oils must be cleaned regularly, either preventively or before adding new oil, and following a suitable procedure.

How to use cleaners on hydraulic circuits?

According to the objective (cleaning a heat-transfer fluid or hydraulic fluid circuit, or cleaning a reducer, draining of a fluid in service or cleaning of a new installation...) the cleaning operation must be adapted.

The general principle consists in adding a cleaning product that is without danger for the oil, the installation or the gaskets, and then operating the system according to the level of contamination determined by analysis or your objectives. For a detailed procedure adapted to your situation, don't hesitate to get in contact with Condat's technical service.


  • High flash point, allowing for use without special precautions (useful for a heat-transfer circuit in operation, for example)
  • Compatibility with gaskets even at elevated service temperatures,
  • High level of detergency and dispersion allowing for elimination of deposits and sludge, as well as deep cleaning of the components,
  • No foaming, at the usual rate of use

Product benefits

  • Stoppage time limited to emptying and refilling with new fluid: can be used on circuits in operation
  • Excellent rinsing: The addition of cleaner has no significant effect on the viscosity of the oil in the circuit, thus allowing turbulent conditions to be maintained in the circuit.
  • Reduction of maintenance costs by elimination of deposits and varnish that can disturb the operation of hydraulic installations.

Technical assistance

CONDAT's technical service can assist you with procedures for cleaning, emptying and conversion of your equipment or installations, to ensure their smooth operation and to guarantee successful re-starting.