Water-repellent anti-corrosion oils

Water-repellent anti-corrosion oils
Water-repellent oils for anti-corrosion protection of metallic parts. For use after soluble machining oils, soluble metal-forming oils…


Protection against corrosion of metallic parts is essential. The use of water-repellent oils allows water to be driven out of the metallic parts.

Water-repellent protection oils are recommended when the upstream process lubricants are water based, for example after use of soluble machining oils, or soluble metal-forming oils for the manufacture of tubes, bars and profiles.

The CONDAPROTECT range of water-repellent anti-corrosion oils is available in two forms:

  • Neat oils
  • Solvent-based vanishing oils

Product benefits

  • Very good protection against corrosion between operations and in the long term
  • Water-repellent, to drive out water
  • Vanishing range with quick drying time
  • Residual protection films can be fine or very fine
  • Appearance of residual protection films can be oily or waxy
  • Good chemical compatibility with the different process products
  • HSE: Free from barium

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