Soluble anti-corrosion oils

Soluble anti-corrosion oils
Soluble oils for anti-corrosion protection of ferrous metals, galvanised wires, bulk parts and coils of copper and copper alloys


CONDAT offers CONDAPROTECT, a range of soluble oils for anti-corrosion protection, presented in the form of concentrates to be diluted in water. The working concentration for final customers varies according to the application and the length of protection required, between 1 % and 25%.

This range of water-soluble anti-corrosion products acts effectively against the corrosion of:

  • Ferrous metals
  • Galvanised wires
  • Bulk parts or coils of copper and copper alloys.

CONDAPROTECT soluble oils are usually applied by spraying or immersion.

Product benefits

  • Economic gains: highly concentrated formulations
  • Good protection against corrosion
  • Residual protection films can be fine, very fine or invisible
  • The working concentration allows the characteristics to be adapted to usage

Agreeable to use, this range of soluble oils also contributes to improvement of working conditions, in particular in terms of health and safety:

  • Free from barium, boron, formaldehyde, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)

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