Water-soluble oils for cutting and stamping

Soluble oils
Range of water-soluble oils, for cutting and stamping of sheet metal, on mechanical or hydraulic presses.
Application fields


The cutting stamping operation consists of forming the material (ferrous or non-ferrous metals), in a coil or blank, using mechanical or hydraulic presses, with simple tools, progressive or transfer.

The CONDAFORM S range of soluble oils for cutting stamping is adapted to the requirements encountered

  • Specific lubricants for the car industry, with approvals
  • Specific lubricants for aluminium alloys
  • Specific lubricants for warm stamping

Our range of water-soluble lubricants comprises:

  • Soap-based lubricants
  • Milky emulsions

Product benefits

  • Replace your neat oils with water-soluble oils, to reduce your lubricant budget
  • Very good protection against corrosion between operations
  • HSE friendly: free of boron, free of formaldehyde, free of chlorine...
  • Use by spraying as a “lost-oil” product, or by sprinkling as a recycled product