Oils for Individual Section machines

IS machine oils
GLASS HTS high-temperature synthetic oils for the lubrication and maintenance of Individual Section (IS) machines in the container glass industry.
Application fields


GLASS HTS 250 IS is recommended for use in the closed oil circuits of IS Individual Section machines in the glass industry.

GLASS HTS 250 IS serves to lubricate the transmission mechanisms in motion in the Individual Section machines:

  • perforation mechanism of the punch in the gob,
  • transfer of the gob between the blank mould and the blow mould,
  • transfer to the conveyor, feeder...

GLASS HTS 250 IS  is a 100% synthetic oil intended for lubrication and protection of centralised pumping systems operating at high temperatures.

Product benefits

  • Highly lubricating
  • High flash point and fire point: reduced fire risk
  • 100% synthetic oil shows better heat stability than mineral oils
  • Excellent resistance to oxidation for an optimised lifetime
  • Excellent anti-corrosion and anti-wear protection to maintain the lifetime of mechanical elements
  • Free from heavy metals, chlorine, solvent, solid lubricants