Graphite-free aqueous lubricants

Graphite-free lubricants
Aqueous synthetic lubricants, called “white lubricants”, for steel and aluminium forging. Without graphite for a clean working environment.
Application fields


CONDAT offers a large range of soluble graphite-free lubricants:

  • for steel forging: ORAFOR
  • for aluminium forging: ORAFOR AL

These graphite-free aqueous lubricants offer a clean working environment and are particularly suited to the manufacture of forged parts such as rods...

Called white or synthetic, they offer a very good compromise between lubricity, thanks to the additives used, and mould-release power thanks to the diesel effect.

The ORAFOR range includes several lines which, apart from their composition, differ in viscosity and the quantity of lubricant.

Product benefits

  • Good lubrication at high temperature, good separating power
  • Low build up in the die
  • Protect against tool wear thanks to optimised formulations
  • Economic because highly concentrated
  • Low foaming on dilution
  • No corrosion of tools
  • Odourless, smokeless
  • Transparent or colored

CONDAT can assist you in the choice of graphite-free lubricants best adapted to your processes. Contact us.

Associated services

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants:

In parallel, CONDAT suggests its range of complementary oils: