Lubricants for optical glass

Optical glass
Complete range of lubricants for working with optical and ophthalmic glass: coolants for processing and surfacing, flocculants.


Our skills in lubricants for flat glass processing quickly led us to the market for optical and ophthalmic glass. CONDAT has been able to adapt its products to the requirements for precision and cleanliness in these 2 industries.

Precision is the most important concept in optical and ophthalmic industries. The machines must be permanently lubricated in an optimum way to obtain a perfect and regular result while preserving the tools.

Our CONDAOPTIC  coolants of synthetic origin meet these quality requirements. They are effective whatever water is used, without foaming when they go through the centrifuge.

CONDAT offers:

  • For processing and surfacing lenses: a range of coolants 
  • For treatment of mineral glass particles:  FCV flocculants

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