Coatings for aluminium billets

Coatings for billets
Range of coatings for extrusion of hot or cold aluminium billets.
Application fields

Cold billets

CONDALU 97 allows the formation of a protective and lubricating film on the faces of the billets in contact with the dummy blocks. Thanks to the pigments used, the film has lubricating and refractory properties compatible with aluminium and copper extrusion processes.

The thixotropic consistency of the product allows it to be applied on vertical surfaces, by spray or brush.

Hot billets

CONDAT offers a large range of products with solid lubricants (of the boron nitride type) or soluble lubricants for the coating of hot aluminium billets.

Presented in different formulations:

  • Powder
  • Aqueous phase, which can be diluted in water

Each of these products allows the formation of a film to facilitate separation of the billet from the dummy block.

Product benefits

  • Optimal adhesion to the aluminium billet
  • Formation of a dry film that does not smoke during use
  • Avoids problems of metallisation of aluminium, sticking
  • No clogging
  • Non flammable (except for the solvent version)

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