BLENDMIX dosing mixer

BLENDMIX dosing mixer
BLENDMIX automatic mixer for blending neat base oils.


The CONDAT BLENDMIX mixer is an automatic installation for the blending of neat base oils and an oil containing 2 to 25 % of additives, according to the type of product to be done for an application field.


This unit comprises two gravity-fed pumps. The arrival of each component is secured by a float level sensor, which stops the machine and warns the operator.

If 200 kg barrels are used, they must be lying down to ensure feed to the machine. Transfer and dosing of the mixing ratio is ensured by geared pumps driven by speed controllers. An electrical interlock between the two pumps allows digital setting of the mixing ratio using the operator display.


The base oil and its additive are dosed into a special cubitainer of 1080 litres equipped with a variable speed electric mixing agitator. An analogue level sensor provides a permanent level indication on the operator panel. Adjustable limits on the operator panel allow selection of the quantity of mixture to be prepared.


The mixed oil is distributed with the aid of a pump  and a gun with a pre-set electronic volumetric counter. It is thus possible to dose a given quantity of oil and to fill containers of any type.

A pressure sensor at the outlet of the transfer pump allows it to start up as soon as the volumetric gun is activated.

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