Foaming agents for EPB

Foaming agents for EPB
Varieties of foaming agents for Earth Pressure Balance tunnel boring machines. Facilitate ground treatment and excavation.


CLB F5 foaming agents

Ground treatment is an essential step in the productivity and safety of the project. By injecting foam and/or additives on the tunnel face, it is possible to transform the ground to get an effective pressure control.

The treated ground shows lower permeability than untreated ground. These conditions allow excavation in complete safety while reducing the constraints for the tunnel boring machine (torque ,thrust force, clogging, wear, etc...)..

Product benefits

CLB F5 foaming agents for ground treatment allow for the following actions:

  • Better pressure control
  • Reduction in clay sticking to the tools
  • Reduction in maintenance operations for cleaning
  • Results in homogeneous and workable ground from granular ground saturated with water
  • Reduction in the wear of tools and their replacement frequency
  • Reduction in the cutting wheel and screw torque...
  • Reduction of foaming agent consumption in a spirit of sustainable development
  • Avoidance of water entering the chamber
  • Reduction in consumption of site water

CLB F5 range

The CLB F5™ range avoids the costly use of polymers and the resulting environmental risks to the soil and the water.

As a function of the geology and the conditions encountered:

  • A more or less large quantity of water
  • Hydrostatic pressure
  • Geology, site profile
  • Presence of salts, etc...

Condat offers different foaming agents in the CLB F5 range:

  • CLB F5
  • CLB F5/AC
  • CLB F5/AW
  • CLB F5/C
  • CLB F5/L
  • CLB F5/M
  • CLB F5/TM

Technical support

For each project, CONDAT carries out studies of your ground in its dedicated laboratory. These studies allow our experts to offer you the best treatment in technical and economic terms. These experts can also intervene to implement the suggestions for ground treatment and make adjustments to other products, in particular the additives.

For more information about the products, their implementation, and a good match between the situation encountered and the solution to be considered, contact a CONDAT representative.

Associated services

In addition, CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants: