Foaming agents for EPB

Foaming agents for EPB
Condat offers a wide range of foaming agents for earth-pressure tunnel boring machines to suit different types of geology.

The range label

The CLB F5 range provides a highly stable and resistant foam, making it the preferred choice for the most difficult terrains.

To avoid the use of sometimes controversial substances, Condat has developed the CONDAFOAM range without glycols to suit all geologies.

In particular, CONDAFOAM AW, which contains no glycols or alkylsulfates, has been specifically developed for use with rock tunnel boring machines. It prevents the accumulation of dust on the cutting face, thus reducing wear and tear on the TBM head.

Each of these ranges is available with or without additives. Depending on the geology involved, Condat has the right foaming agent to give you the best performance.

All our products are biodegradable and eco-designed.

Product benefits

CLB F5 and CONDAFOAM foaming agents can be used to :

  • Better control the confinement and avoid water ingress into the chamber to ensure safe excavation
  • Reduce clay sticking to tools and cleaning stops
  • Obtain a homogeneous ground for water-saturated granular soils
  • Reduce tool wear and space out tool changes
  • Reduce the head and extraction screw torque
  • Reduce foaming agent and water consumption in line with sustainable development focus

The use of pre-additivated foaming agents eliminates the need for costly additives, optimizing dosage and performance at the lowest possible cost.

Technical support

For each project, CONDAT carries out studies of your ground in its dedicated laboratory. These studies allow our experts to offer you the best treatment in technical and economic terms. These experts can also intervene to implement the suggestions for ground treatment and make adjustments to other products, in particular the additives.

For more information about the products, their implementation, and a good match between the situation encountered and the solution to be considered, contact a CONDAT representative.

Associated services

In addition, CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants: