Quenching and heat treatment oils

Quenching oils
Complete range of THERMA quenching oils: cold, warm and hot quenching oils Accelerated cooling power and optimal quenching curve.
Application fields


The THERMA range is available in different qualities (cold, warm and hot oils) to allow selection of the most suitable quenching power. The range covers all quenching processes:

  • batch furnaces
  • continuous furnaces
  • vacuum furnaces
  • open tanks

Hot oils are particularly recommended for parts subject to strong distortion on quenching.

Formulated exclusively from highly refined base oils, their additives (synthetic and semi-synthetic) increase performance and the resistance to oxidation and cracking for an optimised lifetime.

The quenching curves of our oils are characterised by accelerated cooling power above 600°C, slowing strongly as from 400°C. This quenching profile avoids distortions, cracks and formation of fragile structures.


Quenching curve of a warm oil

CONDAT quenching oils have been developed to provide operators with a working environment that is as safe as possible. Their high flash point limits the risk of fire and their formulations allow low vapour pressures to be achieved.

Product benefits

  • Strong resistance to oxidation.
  • High flash point to reduce fire risk
  • Low vapour pressure
  • Limited sulphur content
  • Less odour
  • Less VOCs
  • Easy cleaning of parts
  • Clean appearance of parts, without stains
  • All our oils show excellent salting-out in the washing baths, generating savings in reprocessing.

New: Development of a specific range formulated exclusively from group III oil: contact us!

Product range

THERMA quenching oils

  • Accelerated cold oils for open tank - continuous furnace
Description V40 (mm²/s) Temperature of use (°C) Examples of quenched parts
Therma 30 21.5 30-90 Springs, bearings, fastening components, forged parts
Therma 115 21 30-90 Fastening components
Therma 45 27 30-90 Fastening components
Therma 55 26 30-90 Fastening components
  • Warm and hot oils for batch furnaces
Description V40 (mm²/s) Temperature of use (°C) Examples of quenched parts
Therma 100 36 60-130* Gears, bearings, car parts, pinion shafts
Therma 200 110 110-190* Gears, bearings, car parts, pinion shafts

* Under inert gas

Our oils can be used in installations classed EN 9100 and NADCAP.

Range of oils for vacuum quenching

Products V40 (mm²/s) Temperature of use (°C) Examples of quenched parts
THERMA V 110 21 30-90 Fastening components
THERMA V 130 27 30-110 Tools
THERMA V 155 27 30-110 Bearings, tools,
fastening components

Our experts are there to advise in the selection of the most suitable product to meet your requirements in terms of hardness, tensile strength…

Associated services

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants, along with analysis services.