Spindle lubricants

Spindle lubricants
Lubricants and oils for machine-tool spindles, machining centres, towers and other digitally controlled machines: available in different viscosities.


To lubricate your machine tools, machining centres, towers and other digitally controlled machines, in particular spindles, CONDAT's Research and Development department has developed light oils in the BROCHE range.

This range of mineral oils for spindle bearings brings together ultra-fluid lubricants allowing optimised lubrication of bearings operating at high to very high rotation speeds.

BROCHE oils are intended for machine tools and spinning machines, for greasing spindles by immersion and/or centralised greasing. Certain oils in the BROCHE range are also suitable for hydraulic circuits operating at low temperatures as well as for lubrication of pneumatic circuits.


  • Specific additives for the spindle-bearing application
  • Very low pour point
  • Good demulsibility

The use of CONDAT oils for lubrication of your machine tools thus guarantees safety of your machines (excellent lubrication, protection of mechanical parts, extended lifetime for parts), and simplification of product and stock management.

Product benefits

  • Strong anti-wear, anti-rust, anti-corrosion power
  • Compatible with gaskets
  • Resistant to foaming
  • Protects finished mechanical parts
  • Extends the lifetime of your tools, spindles
  • Simplifies management of your products and your stocks

With CONDAT spindle oils, your machine tools benefit from the best protection!

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CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants:

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