Lithium-Calcium greases : AKRON-KALITH-GR130

Very versatile range of greases, with a formulation based on lithium and calcium soap. It is suitable for all applications where, in particular, water wash-out and loads are present.


These greases based on mineral or semi-synthetic oils are the core of CONDAT's range.

AKRON greases have been known and used in industry for very many years and have followed the latest technological developments.

KALITH greases are particularly popular for civil works and agriculture for their very good adherence and water resistance.

GR 130 greases, thanks to a base oil with very high viscosity and a special additive for extreme pressure (with MoS2 and graphite), meet the most severe demands of heavy industry and underground works.


  • Bearings
  • Bucket pins and joints
  • Leaf springs
  • Plain bearings
  • Grooves and lips of sealing gaskets
  • Slides, rails
  • Cylindrical, conical roller bearings


Use of a soap combining lithium bases with calcium allows for:

  • very good mechanical stability
  • a high dropping point >175°C
  • excellent behaviour in the presence of water
  • very good pumpability

As for mineral or semi-synthetic base oils, they provide:

  • good lubricating performance
  • excellent adherence
  • good pumpability and good performance when cold.

All these greases are very resistant to water. Their mechanical stability in the presence of water gives them a strong resistance to wash-out and allows for good protection of mechanisms against corrosion.

Viscosity at 40°C NLGI grade Performance Applications
AKRON Iso 100 to 460 From 0 to 3 Cold start-up, lifetime, Extreme Pressure EP, Anti-wear Quarries, Sand-pits, Transport, Civil Works, Railways
KALITH Iso 220 to 320 From 00 to 3 Adherence, central greasing, Extreme Pressure EP, Agriculture, Civil Works, Wood, Steel making
GR 130 Iso 460 to 1000 From 0 to 2 Extreme Pressure EP, mechanical stability, preservation of gaskets Tunnelling, Steel making

Product benefits

  • Very large, multi-purpose range, distributed in numerous packaging formats => Development of industry-specific lines: Premium XM for agriculture, CaLi 122 for railways, etc…
  • Additives optimised according to the target market => efficient and competitive
  • Extremely well-mastered process and safe raw materials => consistency and continuity in production and in the results obtained in service.


Associated services

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants:

Condat provides Technical assistance to advise you and guarantee optimum use of our lubricants.

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