Lubricants for amusement park equipment

Amusement park equipment
Mineral, synthetic and biodegradable lubricants, fire-resistant oils and high-performance greases for the upkeep and safety of rides at amusement parks.


The many moving mechanical parts on amusement park rides require appropriate lubrication:

  • meeting needs of safety and reliability associated with access by the general public
  • having the required level of technical performance for optimum operation under severe constraints: load, speed…
  • allowing for the best possible limit on maintenance operations during the high season
  • meeting the environmental requirements of an amusement park → biodegradable lubricants
  • meeting requirements of resistance to fire and the spread of fire

The ranges of CONDAT fire-resistant hydraulic oils and greases are perfectly suited to these uses.


  • hydraulic units equipped with jacks and other systems for lifting, tilting and opening
  • axles
  • bearings, rollers
  • pulleys
  • flex brakes
  • clips
  • undercarriages
  • electric motors

Product benefits

The technical advantages of CONDAT mineral, synthetic, biodegradable oils and greases or safety fluids:

  • resistance to oxidation
  • cold start-up
  • filterability
  • spacing out of oil changes
  • better abrasion resistance for mechanical elements
  • resistance to wash-out

Associated services

CONDAT provides its customers with Technical Assistance to optimise their lubricant needs and give particular support:

  • in the conversion of hydraulic circuits to biodegradable oils for a simple and effective implementation by offering a suitable conversion strategy
  • in the analysis of fluids in service with a complete diagnosis of the physico-chemical properties of the product, to avoid breakdowns!

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants:

Product ranges