How to recognise an SDS in CLP format.

To know if an SDS is in CLP format, check section 2 for the presence of the phrase “classified according to regulation 1272/2008”

Example of an SDS:


Extended SDS and exposure scenarios

In accordance with the REACH regulation, we are required to inform you when new information is received regarding the risk management measures for products that we supply.

For all substances classified as hazardous and products in the EU /or imported in the EU in quantities of more than 10t/year, REACH registration includes the production of exposure scenarios for all ways of using the substance. These exposure scenarios must be sent by the producer or the importer to the supply chain, up to the final users. As you probably know, an exposure scenario is “all the conditions, including operating conditions and risk management measures, that describe how the substance is manufactured or used during its life cycle and the way in which the manufacturer or the importer recommends downstream users to control exposure to humans and to the environment. ” (cf. article 3 of the REACH regulation)

The EBA (European Borates Association) has published exposure scenarios in compliance with REACH for boric acid and borax. If the products that we supply to you contain borax and/or boric acid as mentioned in section 3 of our SDSs, we invite you to consult the exposure scenarios for products containing borates.

We also invite you to consult article 37 of the REACH regulation, to know more about the subject of compliance with an exposure scenario for a downstream user.

Obligation to supply an SDS

According to the regulation, the supplier of a chemical product has the obligation to supply an up-to-date SDS to the user, if the product is classified as hazardous or contains declarable chemical substances.

In addition to SDS update alerts, and the sending of SDSs by mail, the CONDAT Website provides clients with all the SDSs for its lubricants and special products. These documents can be accessed using your customer number.

If you are a CONDAT customer, consult our SDSs.