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Involved for more than 30 years in the glass-industry market, CONDAT is offering a complete range of lubricants dedicated to the FLAT and CONTAINER glass industries. Its products portfolio covers cutting fluids, emulsions, coolants, swabbing compounds and much more… More than just a supplier of lubricants, CONDAT is keen on bidding equipment solutions that improve lubricants consumption and customer productivity.


With a significant appetency towards partnership, CONDAT has developed a strong understanding of its customer’s constraints and is willing to offer the glass industry the most performing global solutions. As an example, CONDAT has develop the perfect association of lubricants and equipment for shear spray operations.

Just like other industrial sectors, glass manufacturers are looking for improving their cost ratio (consumables + capacities) and performances (machine efficiency, rejection rate). This crucial issue shapes in 2 major needs:

  • Adjust to a minimum the consumption of consumables according to the glass article produced.
  • Limit the quantity and nature of the waste to be treated.

BIOGLASS TW 100Storage facilities at CONDAT

To answer the shear spray operation’s needs, CONDAT has developed the BIOGLASS range. Each solutions contained in this range offers varied performances depending the many challenges the manufacturers encounter. In this range, BIOGLASS TW 100 is a best seller as it shows following competitive advantages:

  • Eco-designed product: made of a bio sourced based oil, this product used renewable raw material and drop out biocides in its formulation. Its Health Safety and Environment impact is thus limited.
  • Economical: it is the best value for money thanks to a good cost and high lubrication of blades performance ratio.


MICRODOSE EQUIPMENTMicrosoft Word - PR More than lubricants_Glassman 2019.docx

To maximize the performance of its BIOGLASS TW 100, CONDAT suggests glass manufacturers to use the right dosing equipment. MICRODOSE is a special unit suited for the glass industries and the dosing of very low concentrations. Using volumetric dosing, it creates the solution in real time without accumulation, thereby preventing the development of bacteria and fungi and the deterioration of the blend. Thanks to this characteristic, it is ideal for achieving and maintaining HACCP standards on several production lines.


  • Enable customize your lubrication on each production line
  • Small footprint allowing close installation to shear spray
  • Designed to withstand harsh environments (up to 80 ° C operating, smoke, oil splash) thanks to its cooling system and waterproof case
  • Improve the performance of lubrication products: the dilution is carried out at the last moment so there is no risk of deterioration of the product (bacteria)
  • Limit harmful consumables: as the dilution is made closer to the shear spray, it avoids to add biocides
  • Limit costs: the lubricant consumption is overall decreased by 2 and it stops biocide consumption.

Altogether, CONDAT offers through this lubricant + equipment combination the best Health Safety and Environment solution for your shear spray operations, with less biocides and less risks for operators and fewer harmful rejects.

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