Le 26/03/2018

Lubricants for all your forming applications

Being present at all stages of the wire process with its lubricants global offer, CONDAT will certainly not miss the biannual meeting in Düsseldorf for Wire & Tube 2018. With 3 stands (Hall 5 C10 – Hall 10 A52 – Hall 15 B43), CONDAT represents the most complete supplier for the fastener industry with strong lubrication expertise, comprehensive range of products and innovative abilities on responsible & sustainable solutions.

CONDAT, the most extensive range

With over 170 years’ experience in the lubrication field, CONDAT has developed a wide range of products to answer the processing needs of its customers. Applications within the fastener industry cover various operations: surface treatment, drawing skin pass, cold heading, thread rolling, heat treatment…  The high pressures exerted between the tool and the part require the use of high-performance lubricants to avoid premature wear and breakage of tools.

CONDAT dedicated solutions include:

  • Non-reactive surface treatments of wire rods
  • Soaps for skin-pass or wire drawing operations before cold heading
  • Multi-purpose forming oils, mineral or vegetable based
  • Heavy duty forming lubricants for all kind of material
  • Extreme pressure neat cutting oils for thread rolling and tapping
  • Quenching oils and polymers

Ancillary products such as slideway lubricants or rust preventive products are also available.

EXTRUGLISS GREEN, Sustainable cold heading oil

Concerned for the future, CONDAT is committed to a responsible approach and offers its customers technical solutions allowing them to reduce their impact on man and the environment.

For cold heading operations, CONDAT has developed EXTRUGLISS GREEN, a vegetal based oil that
improves productivity and tool life. Thanks to the high level of lubricity of vegetal base oil (3 times more efficient than standard mineral base oils), EXTRUGLISS GREEN enables to manufacture very difficult parts while increasing the OEE (efficiency of your machine) and reducing your tooling budget. These oils can be used also for heavy duty forming operations (screw, bolt, nuts and extrusion). Its high flash point ensures lower mist and smokes, giving operators a friendly working environment.

EXTRUGLISS GREEN is besides a cost effective lubricant as it is a dual-purpose oil: it provides both superior lubrication characteristics to your machinery, as well as outstanding lubrication for your cold heading process.

It also answers the requirements of presses manufacturers.

Meet CONDAT at WIRE Düsseldorf 2018, Hall 15 B43 for cold heading improvements, Hall 10 A52 for wire drawing lubricants and Hall 5 C10 for tube solutions.