Le 30/03/2023

Lubricant solutions with responsible performance

CONDAT’s lubricants range is recognized as a world reference in the wire drawing industry  and offers the widest choice of soaps, surface treatment products, neat and soluble oils. Because each wire drawing plant is different, CONDAT experts develop lubricants answering your specific needs and guide you to the best lubrication strategy. CONDAT provides you support towards responsible performance. For wire drawing, it offers  eco-designed lubricants rated through its self-scoring Lubriscore®, among which are borax and sulfur free products.


 Special solutions for Electrical Wire

Well-known for its products dedicated to steel wires and cables, the company will highlight at Interwire 2023  lubricants for electrical wire applications.

For aluminum wire, Condat offers high lubricating performance soluble and neat oils, that have excellent resistance to oxidation. They enable operations from rod breakdown to fine wire  drawing.

For copper wire, a range of water based lubricants are available for  hot rolling of wire rod, and cold drawing operations from rod breakdown to fine wire. They can extend your bath lifetime due to their stable formulation.

A partner that shares it expertise

Besides providing you high-tech lubricants, the company is keen on solving your day-to-day issues. Thanks to its long expertise in the wire industry, Condat experts give technical guidelines for the selection and use of the most suitable drawing lubricants whatever your application. Many issues can  be addressed by the Condat team, such as reducing total wiredrawing costs, reducing the amount of dust generated in your workshop, improving your productivity or getting the most out of your precoatings…

To illustrate this, during upcoming Interwire show in Atlanta, Condat will hold a fundamental course on Monday, May 13 from 10:15 to 11:00 am. Brad Andrews, Condat Corp wire drawing market manager, will share best practices to optimize lubrication in your wiredrawing process. The selection and type of lubricant used must consider various factors in order to achieve optimal quality, efficiency, production costs and EH&S concerns. Understanding the material type, surface preparation, processing, and end use application is critical in the determination of the right lubricant. Brad will share his knowledge of lubrication principles, lubrication systems and operational mechanics and many other tips.

If you’d like to know more, meet us at the fundamental course or at booth 1508

or contact the CONDAT team.